Saturday, August 3, 2013

Something to think about...

     The other day, I wrote down all the things that make me frightened, worried or depressed. Here they are:

--Being Scared
--Feeling Pain
--Speaking When I Shouldn’t
--Losing Someone I Love

     Then I wrote down everything that made me happy and comforted. Here they are:

--Feeling fulfilled
--Sharing my fears
--Being touched
--Being heard
--Remembering Someone I Love
--Overcoming a Hurdle

     And guess what I realized? There can be no second category without the first.

Without…                                There can be no…
           Hunger                                   Feeling fulfilled
           Falling                                    Rising
           Being Scared                           Sharing my Fears
           Darkness                                 Dawn
           Feeling Pain                            Being Touched
           Speaking When I Shouldn’t    Being Heard
           Winter                                     Spring
           Losing Someone                     Remembering Someone
           Tears                                       Laughter
           Rejection                                Achievement
           Roadblocks                             Overcoming a Hurdle
           Nightmare                               Dreams

      Something to think about…

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