Friday, June 28, 2013

If you don't have anything nice to say...say something anyway!'ve been writing this blog off and on for two months now and I THINK, given my complete inability to work so much as a microwave (I don't own one) that I never activated the place on my blog to post comments. I think I have now so...

    ...please post a comment.

    I've had a tough week and really, anything would cheer me up. First, I left my wallet in a restaurant (very honest staff at Maggie McFly's in Southbury, Ct. had it waiting for me when I made the 2-hour round trip drive to retrieve it). This was the good part of the week. You know it was a bad week when this was the good part.

     Then my daughter came down with a virus and spent the next 48 hours glued to the television watching reruns of Victorious and Zoe 101. (Even I can recite the episodes at this point).

     Then somebody hacked one of my credit cards and charged $4,000 worth of stuff. The worst part of it was, they didn't even charge anything worthwhile. I mean, if you're going to take a chance on an extended stay at a bed-and-barbed-wire, couldn't it be for something a little more imaginative than a bunch of visits to Wendy's and a couple of shopping sprees at Target?

     Honestly, thieves have no creativity! If I had carte blanche with someone's credit card, I'd take myself to Caneel Bay in the Virgin Islands, host a dinner for ten at the 21 Club in New York City, go to a ridiculously overpriced day spa and buy all the creams to take home.

      Then again, with the cost of my kid's dental checkups, maybe I'd just get a good tooth cleaning.



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  1. I think visiting a ridiculously overpriced day spa and buying all the creams to take home sounds like a fabulous way to cheer up. May the coming week bring you much cheer!! DSJ :)